Looking for Playground Line Marking in UK and surrounding area?

If you are looking to paint your playground for the first time, enhance your existing playground or simply brighten up the existing lines, you've come to the right place. Our specialist teams offer term out of term time playground markings for all schools and playgrounds in UK and surroundings areas, in fact, we paint playgrounds across the UK. Colourful Playground Markings are one of the best ways for children to learn whilst they play. It is vital to the child's development and learning, which is why Guideline Surface Marking are so passionate about creating the best playground markings for children to use.

With over three decades of experience in playground line designs and play zones for UK, Guideline Surface Marking can offer you the expertise in creating a colourful and fun environment for people to enjoy. We have worked on and for

  • Schools
  • Nurseryschool playground
  • Local Authories
  • Private landlords
  • Public areas
  • Pubs and Resturants
  • Playground contractors
  • and many more

Do you need Sports Hall line markings in UK?

So whether it is a school, college or recreational facility, we cater for everyone's requirements.

We work around your term and holiday times to minimise any disruptions and giving you complete peace of mind that the children and staff are save during and after the new lines have been laid. In high use areas, we can secure off to allow plenty of drying time before children and students walk on the playground, sports hall, tennis courts or walkways.

Inside or outside our play line markings come in a wide range of colours, line sizes, blocked areas and bond to all manner of surfaces. Our guidelines will help you through.


Our playground painting work takes us far and wide, not just UK or we work 24-7 around the UK. Have a look at some of our line marking services that will give you a breath of the services we can office.

Talk to us before you decide, one of our friendly staff are happy to help. Just give us a call. 01709 263063