Line Removal and surface preparation

Before we undertake any work, one of our Site Managers will visit you for a consultation. It is our priority that your specification and requirements are met so we will clearly explain every step of the job to you.

Guideline Surface Marking are expert painting contractors and we know exactly what preparation work needs to be carried out before we can start painting brand new line markings.

Our paint removal services incorporates the most innovative and technologically advanced techniques, such as hydroblasting and captive shot blasting, to strip the previous paint or surface, giving us a blank, dust-free slate to work with.

Other techniques we use to provide the best quality, appropriate finish to a repainting job includes grinding and scabbling a surface, ie using an abrasive machining process to strip paint from roads.

A perfect job begins with perfect preparation and our expert team, with over three decades of experience, will complete a top quality job throughout all the stages of creating your new line markings.

Talk to us before you decide, one of our friendly staff are happy to help. Just give us a call 01709 263063